23rd Annual Scientific Session - On Demand

Sep 6, 2018 ‐ Sep 9, 2018

The focus of ASNC2018 meeting is to showcase current best practices, new ideas and emerging technology, radiation safety and appropriate use criteria in the nuclear cardiology clinical practice.

ASNC2018 Annual Scientific Session On Demand


This On Demand activity is comprised of sessions and presentations from the live ASNC2018 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting hosted September 6-9, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. The focus of ASNC2018meeting is to showcase current best practices, new ideas and emerging technology, radiation safety and appropriate use criteria in the nuclear cardiology clinical practice.

Important Dates
Date of Release: October 26, 2018
Date of Termination: October 25, 2019

Statement of Need

In order to maintain competence and improve performance, imaging professionals must assimilate and integrate knowledge spanning multiple areas, including clinical data, technical aspects of imaging, and appropriate application of imaging (e.g., clinical guidelines and appropriate use criteria). Each of these areas is constantly evolving, particularly as innovative technologies and novel pharmacologic agents are introduced. ASNC2018 is an educational activity designed to help you and other imaging professionals obtain the latest information in clinical practice and review cutting-edge scientific advances in nuclear cardiology and cardiac imaging.

Overall Purpose: the overall goal of this activity is to enhance physician knowledge, competence and skills in applications about appropriate use criteria, radiation safety, reporting, and lab performance in using appropriate guidelines-based treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate improved skills in image interpretation and reporting
  • Learn how to recognize and minimize technical problems and artifacts that may be associated with cardiac imaging
  • Learn the appropriate use of cardiac imaging techniques based on current guidelines
  • Evaluate new imaging technologies, software, and stress techniques
  • Understand the role of nuclear and cardiac CT imaging in overall patient care
  • Learn the importance of balancing radiation exposure with image quality
  • Describe future directions in cardiac PET, CT, and SPECT/CT in order to anticipate training and equipment needs
  • Understand the clinical implication of CT coronary angiography cases and recognize its value and limitations in clinical cardiology

Target Audience

This online activity is intended for cardiologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, practice administrators, nuclear technologists, nurses and other health care professionals with an interest in the field of nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT imaging.

Accreditation and Continuing Education Credit

Physicians: The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology designates this enduring activity for a maximum of 50.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


Organizing Committee

Rob S.B. Beanlands, MD, FASNC, Chair
Firas Al Badarin, MD, FASNC
Karthikeyan Ananthasubramaniam, MD, FASNC
Timothy L. Dunn, CNMT
Donna M. Polk, MD, MPH, FASNC
Raymond R. Russell, MD, PhD, MASNC
Prem Soman, MD, PhD, FASNC

Program Committee

Sharmila Dorbala, MD, FASNC, Chair
Panithaya Chareonthaitawee, MD, Vice Chair
Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD, FASNC
James A. Arrighi, MD, MASNC
Frank Bengel, MD
Ron Blankstein, MD, FASNC
Jamieson M. Bourque, MD, FASNC
Paco Bravo, MD
Renee Bullock-Palmer, MD, FASNC
Benjamin Chow, MD, FASNC

Marcelo Di Carli, MD
Vasken Dilsizian, MD, MASNC
Rami Doukky, MD, FASNC
W. Lane Duvall, MD
Andrew J. Einstein, MD, PhD, FASNC
Gabriel B. Grossman, MD, PhD, FASNC
Rory Hachamovitch, MD, FASNC
Matthew E. Harinstein, MD, FASNC
Gary V. Heller, MD, PhD, MASNC
Mark C. Hyun, CNMT, NCT, RT(N), FASNC
Wael Jaber, MD
Nils P. Johnson, MD
Saurabh Malhotra, MD, MPH, FASNC
Venkatesh Murthy, MD, PhD, FASNC
Robert A. Pagnanelli, CNMT, RT(N)(R), FASNC
Donna M. Polk, MD, MPH, FASNC
Indu Poornima, MD
Terrence D. Ruddy, MD
Ronald G. Schwartz, MD, MASNC
Mehran Sadeghi, MD
Maria G. Sciammarella, MD
Nishant R. Shah, MD, MPH, FASNC
Albert J. Sinusas, MD, FASNC
Piotr J. Slomka, PhD
Prem Soman, MD, PhD, FASNC
Viviany Taqueti, MD
Randall C. Thompson, MD, FASNC
Peter Tilkemeier, MD, FASNC
Vikas Veeranna, MD
Richard Weinberg, MD, PhD
R. Glenn Wells, PhD


As an accredited provider of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) adheres to the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support. In compliance with these standards, it is ASNC’s policy to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific merit in all of its educational activities through the disclosure of relevant financial relationships with commercial companies and resolution of conflicts of interest. The financial interest or relationships requiring disclosure are outlined in ASNC’s CME Conflict of Interest Policy. All planners, reviewers, moderators, and presenters involved with this activity were required to disclose any relevant financial relationships. 

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology has reviewed this activity’s faculty disclosures and resolved or managed all identified conflicts of interest through a peer review process.

1 designates presenter
2 designates peer reviewer/moderator
3 designates planner

The following planners, moderators, presenters, and staff reported no financial relationships:

123Bullock-Palmer, Renee
1Castano, Adam
13Chareonthaitawee, Panithaya
1Chen, Kevin
1Cho, Leslie
12Cremer, Paul
1Cuddy, Sarah
12DePuey, Ernest
2Dietz, Joseph
13Dunn, Timothy
3Dunne, Jane
1Eisele, Yvonne
1Elison, Barry
1Feher, Attila
1Flood, Kathleen
1Galazka, Patrycja
1Gallegos, Cesia
1Gewirtz, Henry
1Gona, Kiran
12Gropler, Robert

123Grossman, Gabriel
123Hachamovitch, Rory
23Harinstein, Matthew
1Holly, Thomas
2Horgan, Stephen
1Hulten, Edward
123Hyun, Mark
1Iskandrian, Ami
123Jaber, Wael
1Jerome, Scott
13Johnson, Nils
1Jouni, Hayan
1Kale, Denise
1Kaufmann, Philipp
1Lawrence, Georgia
1Leppo, Jeffrey
1Mackin, Maria
23Malhotra, Saurabh
1Marhefka, Gregary
1Marvin, Brian

1Masri, Ahmad
1Mieres, Jennifer
1Miller, Todd
1Morley, Jereme
1Mut, Fernando
1Nasir, Khurram
1Nieves, Ricardo
12Paez, Diana
1Pandey, Shivda
1Patel, Amit
2Phillips, Lawrence
123Polk, Donna
2Port, Steven
1Quarta, C. Christina
1Ranganathan, Karthikeyan
1Rosenblatt, Jeffrey
123Ruddy, Terrence
1Salerno, Michael
1Saucier, Stephanie
12Schelbert, Heinrich

13Schwartz, Ronald
13Sciammarella, Maria
1Shanafelt, Tait
1Shaw, Leslee
1Singh, Vasvi 1Skali, Hicham
12Slart, Reimer
12Small, Gary
1Stewart, Merrill
13Thompson, Randall
1Thorn, Stephanie
123Tilkemeier, Peter
1Torelli, Julius
1Travin, Mark
1Tsatkin, Vera
1Van Decker, William
23Veeranna, Vikas
1Verberne, Hein
1Vitola, Joao
2Wackers, Frans

12Wann, L. Samuel
2Warren, Jaime
1Wei, Janet
13Weinberg, Richard
1Williams, Kim1Winchester, David
1Witteles, Ronald
12Wu, Edwin
1Wu, Joseph
1Young, Jason1Zaret, Barry
1Zhang, Yu-Chen

The following planners, moderators, presenters, and staff reported financial relationships:

2Allam, Adel
Salaried Employee:  CEO of an Egyptian Medical company

123Al-Mallah, Mouaz
Consulting: Yes GE Healthcare 

13Ananthasubramaniam, Karthikeyan Consulting: Yes Astellas Pharma, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals: Yes Astellas Pharma, GE Healthcare, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Advisory Board: Yes Astellas Pharma, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

1Arai, Andrew
Other Financial Benefit: Research agreements with Siemens and Bayer

1Axerio-Cilies, John
Salaried Employee: Yes Arterys

1Ay, Ilknur
Consulting:  electroCore, LLC (unrestricted)

12Bateman, Timothy
Intellectual Property Rights: CVIT
Consulting: GEHC
Research Grant: GEHC, Astellas
Advisory Board: GEHC, Curium, IBA, AIM
Royalty: CVIT
Stock Interest: CVIT
Salaried Employee: CVIT

123Beanlands, Rob
Consulting: GE Healthcare, Lantheus, Jubilant DRAXImage
Research Grant: GE Healthcare, Lantheus, Jubilant DRAXImage

123Bengel, Frank
Honoraria: Invited Speaker for Siemens AG, GH Healthcare
Research Grant: Collaborative Research Grants with Siemens AG, GE Healthcare

123Blankstein, Ron
Consulting: Amgen, Inc.Yes Astellas, Amgen Inc.

1Bober, Robert
Consulting Fee: Bracco
Research Grant: Bracco
Advisory Board:Ionetix

13Bourque, Jamieson
Consulting:  Astellas

1Calnon, Dennis
Consulting: Navidea Biopharmaceuticals

12Cerqueira, Manuel
Consulting: Astellas Pharma, GE Healthcare
Speakers Bureau: Astellas Pharma

12Case, James
Intellectual Property Rights: CVIT
Consulting: Astellas
Research Grant: Astellas
Stock Ownership: CVIT
Salaried Employee: CVIT

1Cherry, Simon
Consulting: Research Grant: United Imaging Healthcare
Advisory Board: Yes Northern California PET Imaging Center
Royalty: United Imaging Healthcare

13Chow, Benjamin
Research Grant: Research Support/Educational Support - TeraRecon Research Grant - CV Diagnostix
Stock Interest: GE

12deKemp, Robert
Consulting: Jubilant DraxImage  
Research Grant: Joint University-Industry grant funding from Ontario Research Fund - Jubilant DraxImage
Royalty: Rubidium PET technologies licensed to Jubilant DraxImage;  PET quantification software technologies licensed to INVIA Medical

13Di Carli, Marcelo
Consulting: Sanofi, GESpectrum Dynamics

123Dilsizian, Vasken
Consulting:  Siemens, GE Healthcare

1Nakajima, Kenichi
Honoraria:FUJIFULM RI Pharma, Co. Ltd,
Research Grant: Collaborative research work with FUJIFULM RI Pharma, Co. Ltd, Japan

123Dorbala, Sharmila
Research Grant: Astellas Pharma during 2017
Stock Interest: General Electric. I have already divested myself of these stocks within the last 3 months.

123Doukky, Rami
Research Grant: Astellas Pharma

123Duvall, W. Lane
Consulting: Jubilant-DraxImage, General Electric Healthcare
Advisory Board: General Electric Healthcare

123Einstein, Andrew
Consulting: GE Healthcare
Research Grant: Toshiba America Medical Systems

2Galt, James
Royalty: Royalties paid through Emory University for Emory QuantEM software for analysis of renal scintigraphy.

12Garcia, Ernest
Intellectual Property Rights: ETCb
Consulting: GE, Syntermed
Research Grant: Syntermed
Advisory Board: GE
Royalty: Syntermed for ECTb
Stock Interest: Syntermed

2Gerson, Myron
Consulting:  GE Healthcare (aurora study)
Other Financial Benefit: Alter G (equipmentgrant)

1Hacker, Marcus
Consulting: Bayer, Siemens, ITG, Curium
Honoraria: Bayer, Siemens, GE Healthcare, Curium
Research Grant: Siemens, ITG

1Hage, Fadi
Consulting:  Astellas, GE Healthcare

12Hansen, Christopher
Consulting: Digirad

1Harms, Hendrik
Stock: Interest: aQuant A/S
Salaried Employee: MedTrace Pharma

123Heller, Gary
Consulting: Molecualr Imaging Services, PMA Health
Advisory Board: GE Healthcare, Cell>Point

1Hendel, Robert
Speakers Bureau: Astellas Pharma

1Hyafil, Fabien
Consulting: Naogen, Iba Molecular

1Iagaru, Andrei
Consulting:  GE Healthcare (paid to institution)

12Jain, Diwakar
Consulting: Astellas, Regeneron
Honoraria: Astellas, Regeneron, GLG Consulting
Research grant: Regeneron, GE
Advisory Board: Astellas
Speakers Bureau: Astellas
Stock Interest: Althera

1Krishnan, Arun
Salaried Employee: IBM Watson Health Imaging

2Maddahi, Jamshid
Consulting: GE Healthcare, Lantheus Medical Imaging
Honoraria: GE Healthcare, Lantheus Medical Imaging
Research Grant: GE Healthcare, Lantheus Medical Imaging

1Mahmarian, John
Consulting: Astellas
Speakers Bureau: Astellas

12Mann, April
Consulting: Yes Jubilant DraxImage
Honoraria: Jubilant DraxImage, Astellas
Advisory Board: Astellas
Speakers Bureau: Astellas

12Miller, Edward
Research Grant: Bracco
Advisory Board:  GE

3Murthy, Venkatesh
Consulting: Ionetix
Honoraria: Ionetix
Research Grant: Siemens Medical Imaging, INVIA Medical Imaging Solutions
Advisory Board: Yes Ionetix
Stock Interest: Yes General Electric, Cardinal Health, Ionetix

123Pagnanelli, Robert
Advisory Board: Astellas
Speakers Bureau: Astellas

1Patel, Krishna
Research Grant: T32HL110837

23Poornima, Indu
Speakers Bureau: Astellas

2Renaud, Jennifer
Intellectual Property Rights: No FlowQuant  - Flow quantification software
Consulting: Jubilant DraxImage Inc.
Honoraria: Jubilant DraxImage Inc.
Speakers Bureau: Jubilant DraxImage Inc.
Royalty: FlowQuant  - Flow quantification software

1 Ruberg, Frederick
Consulting: Glaxo SmithKline
RGS: Eidos Therapeutics

13Russell, Raymond
Stock Interest: Spouse receives annual stock options from her employer, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Salaried Employee: Spouse employed by Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

123Sadeghi, Mehran
Consulting: Bracco Research USA
Salaried Employee: Yes Spouse employee of Boehringer Ingelheim

12Saeed, Ibrahim
Consulting:  Yes Astellas

1Saliba, Walid
Honoraria: Biosense WebsterN
Advisory Board: Boston Scientific Atricure

2Sanghani, Rupa
Consulting: online surveys.  very minimal work/reimbursement

123Shah, Nishant
Stock Interest: Yes Together, my wife and I own  shares in General Electric common stock.

1Shah, Amil
Advisory Board: Philips Healthcare

1Sharma, Puneet
Stock Interest: Yes Siemens Healthineers
Salaried Employee: Yes Siemens Medical Solutions USA

1Sillanmaki, Saara
Other Financial Benefit: Educational grant from GE

123Sinusas, Albert
Intellectual Property Rights: MMP imaging w/RP805
Consulting: MicroVide, LL
Research Grant: Novartis, Merck, GE Healthcare
Advisory Board: Astellas

123Slomka, Piotr
Intellectual Property Rights: Most nuclear medicine companies
Research Grant: NIH Grant, Siemens Medical Systems

1Sohail, M. Rizwan
Consulting: Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Spectranetics, Aziyo Biologics
Research Grant: Medtronic

123Soman, Prem
Consulting: Alnylam Pharma
Research Grant: Astellas Pharma. Grant paid to the institution.
Advisory Board: Alnylam Pharma

1Stumpe, Martin
Intellectual Property Rights: Google
Stock Interest: Google
Salaried Employee: Google

12Thomas, Gregory
Research grant: to institution- Amgen (CHF trial); Research grant to institution- Novartis (CHF trial)
Speakers Bureau: Astellas Pharma

12Udelson, James
Advisory Board: Lantheus Medical Imaging,  GEHC Medtrace

123Wells, R. Glenn
Honoraria: GE Healthcare
Research Grant: GE Healthcare, Advanced Accelerator Applications Inc

2Wolinsky, David
Consulting: Astellas Pharma, eViCore
Speakers Bureau: Astellas Pharma

Commercial Acknowledgement
This activity has not received commercial support.

Off Label Use

Presentations may include discussion of drugs or devices, or uses of drugs or devices, that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or have been approved by the FDA for specific uses only. The FDA has stated that it is the responsibility of the physician to determine the FDA clearance status of each drug or device he or she wishes to use in clinical practice. ASNC is committed to the free exchange of medical education. Inclusion of any discussion in this program, including discussion on off-label uses, does not imply an endorsement by ASNC of the uses, products or techniques presented. Presenters are required to disclose to the learners, if there is any off-label usage within the presentation.

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Frontiers in the Application of Nuclear Techniques

Preview Available

Frontiers in the Application of Nuclear Techniques

Sep 9, 2018 7:00am ‐ Sep 9, 2018 8:30am

Presentation 1 - Advances in PET Perfusion and Flow Reserve

Presentation 2 -  Advances in SPECT: Can it Rival PET for CAD Assessment?

Presentation 3 - Hybrid PET/MR Imaging to Better Characterize Pathophysiology of Heart Diseases

Presentation 4 -Nuclear Techniques in Infiltrative Diseases: Amyloid and Sarcoid Imaging

Presentation 5 -  PET Applications in Cardiac Implantable Device Infections and for Guiding Arrhythmia Management

Presentation 6 -  Discussion

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):

Multimodality Evaluation of Infective Endocarditis: Moving Beyond Echocardiography (Joint Session with ASE and EANM)

Preview Available

Multimodality Evaluation of Infective Endocarditis: Moving Beyond Echocardiography (Joint Session with ASE and EANM)

Sep 9, 2018 8:45am ‐ Sep 9, 2018 10:15am

Presentation 1 - Case Presenter

Presentation 2 - Role of Echocardiography in Infective Endocarditis: Limitations, Pitfalls, and New Techniques

Presentation 3 - MSCT: Is it Important Just for Complicated Cases

Presentation 4 - What is the Role of Adding PET/CT to Echocardiogram?

Presentation 5 -  What is the Role of Imaging Techniques in both the Diagnosis and Management of Infective Endocarditis? Clinical Point of View

Moderator(s): Speaker(s):

Chest Pain Evaluation (Multimodality): The Elephant on my Chest

Preview Available

Chest Pain Evaluation (Multimodality): The Elephant on my Chest

Sep 9, 2018 8:45am ‐ Sep 9, 2018 10:15am

Presentation 1 - Emergency Room Patient Case Presenter

Presentation 2 - Emergency Room Patient Imaging Discussant

Presentation 3 - Discussion

Presentation 4 - Outpatient with Chest Pain Case Presenter

Presentation 5 - Outpatient with Chest Pain Imaging Discussant

Presentation 6 - Discussion

Presentation 7 - Young Patient with CAD Case Presenter

Presentation 8 - Young Patient with CAD Imaging Discussant

Presentation 9 - Discussion 

Moderator(s): Panelist(s): Speaker(s):
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